Research and Development – Delivering effective solutions for over 40 year

 Our highly skilled staff in our R&D department can analyze test results to determine the root cause of a yield loss from either micro-contamination or other process related problems. Solexir scientists work directly with the customer’s process and equipment engineers to achieve the most cost effective solutions to their problem. If need arises we will collect and evaluate samples at the customer’s facility.

Solexir R&D is supported by a network of chemists, physicists, and engineers from academic institutions around the country. Depending on the nature of the assignment Solexir is able to obtain expert advice to help solve virtually any problem.

Solexir has performed many investigations into process issues related to semiconductor, solar and hard disk manufacturing.

Some examples:

CASE 1: 

Dark discoloration on ceramic parts in a CVD reactor  was probable cause of yield loss.

CASE 2: 

Suppression of ionic contamination from an aqueous solution in an electric field.

CASE 3: 

Identify why a dry etch process failed to be anisotropic

Solexir has successfully resolved these and many other process problems in a timely and cost-effective manner.