Solexir-Aluminum Etchant Series (Al110A, Al110B and Al110S):


Solexir-Aluminum etchants series consist of Al110A, Al110B and Al110S.  Al110A is an acidic based solution, Al110B is an alkaline based solution and Al110S contains a sufactant. These acidic/basic/surfactant solutions have different etch rates and surface tensions. Due to possible existence of complex structural layers of Aluminum under thin films, Solexir offers those customers who need it a customized Aluminum etchant solution.




Majority of Solexir-Aluminum etchant applications are for devices which have metal layers that display chemical characteristics similar to that of Aluminum.  For more information, please contact us.


Cleaning process:

  • Process Temperature is about 42-45 degrees C.
  • Mechanically agitating the cleaning solution or performing the cleaning process within a Sonication or use of spray system is highly recommended. Without agitation, due to formation of hydrogen gas which is a byproduct of the etchant, Aluminum cannot be etched uniformly and one can see a lot of island spots on the surface of Aluminum.

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