Edge Bead Removal (EBR)

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Edge Bead Removal Cleaning Solutions (EBR)


The spin coating of photoresist, anti-reflective or polyimide coating on microelectronic substrate often results in the formation of what is known as edge bead. This refers to the unwanted accumulation of the coated material at the outer edges of the substrate in form of a bump.  These accumulations may also wrap around the edge of the substrate and as a result may contaminate the back-side edges of the substrate as well.  If the edge of wafers are not cleaned, the dried particles or photoresist residues can flak off, causing particle contamination and other problems in subsequent manufacturing and process steps.  Consequently, the unwanted residues on the outer reaches of the substrate should be removed by using a stream of high purity solvents to clean and to level the edges to the same thickness as the rest of the substrate surface area.  The Solexir 100EBR, is a strong organic solvent capable of cleaning all resides from substrate edges quickly and efficiently.