Solexir is a global manufacturer of specialty and ultra pure (ppb) chemicals for Semiconductor, HDD (Hard Disk Drives), Optical Technology and Green Energy (Solar and Lithium and Vanadium Batteries) industries.


The cleaning solutions for the Semiconductor technologies include Photoresist Strippers, Photoresist developers, Post CMP Cleaners, Wafer Cleaners (particles and trace organic), hard polymers cleaners (created after post dry etch), mask cleaners, wafer wax mounting cleaners, Clean Room Tool Cleaners (HFE Products), and a variety of metal etchants.


For HDD related technologies, Solexir is supporting most HDD cleaning chemicals such as cassette cleaners, glass disk cleaners, Aluminum disk cleaners, NiP surface cleaners, and Cobalt surface cleaner.
In addition, Solexir offers different Hydrofluoroether (HFE) products applicable in tool cleaning process and cleaning of magnetic thin film head parts, such as Dumpers, E-blocks, etc.

For Green Energies, Solexir provides different cleaning chemical solutions. In photovoltaic cell manufacturing, for example, Solexir offers different cleaning and texturing solutions for Solar cells. For home and electrical cars, Solexir is offering Lithium and Vanadium electrolyte solutions.

Our cleaning solutions are well-known for their extreme purity, effectiveness, cleaning performance and their thermal stability. We take pride in producing high-quality, high-performance and low-cost solutions for our customers. Such product characteristics owe their existence to the vast experience of the management team with solid scientific background, and our employees’ commitment to resolve and to attend to our customers’ issues.

Solexir management philosophy is based on the following golden rules:

  • Dedication to our employees, and creating a productive environment to make our employees to excel
  • Finding answers to the challenges of future technologies ahead of our competitors
  • A commitment to support and to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Such dedication and attention to our employees and to our customer/clients has made Solexir unique in its field of expertise. We are honored to have received high marks from our customers/clients for the level of support and service that our expert staffs have provided them.