SOLEXIR: A Global Manufacturer of Ultra Pure Specialty Chemicals for Semiconductor & Green Energy Industries

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SOLEXIR: A global manufacturer of ultra pure specialty chemicals for Semiconductor & Green Energy industries

SOLEXIR is located in Silicon Valley with cutting-edge R&D/ production facility

SOLEXIR serves Semiconductor & Green Energy industries

SOLEXIR provides innovation solutions at competitive pricing

SOLEXIR excels in quality control and monitoring

SOLEXIR ’s advance technology is backed by the state-of-the-art analytical instruments at its R&D Lab

SOLEXIR thrives to serve its customers’s needs and assumes highest priority to resolve its customer issues

SOLEXIR overburdens itself to achieve and to surpass all safety regulations

SOLEXIR adheres to what it promotes: Reaching…The unreachable solutions!

Solexir Technology was  featured in “Manufacturing Today” magazine (Volume 18, Issue 6, Pg. 68 & 69). Read more about us by clicking on the magazine cover image here:

Solexir presented its latest technology and products to the world at Semicon West, San Francisco on July 10-12, 2018. The presentation drew a lot of traffics and attention to our booth with an extraordinary enthusiasm for our products.

Click on the Semicon 2018 image (right) or here to see more info:


Solexir is specialized in manufacturing semiconductor high purity chemicals with different selectivity process for any complex electronic devices currently available in the market.  These products with their high selectivity and purity can cover wide range of lithography processes, including a wide range of Photoresist Strippers, Photoresist Developers, different Metal Etchants, Edge Bead Removers, Hard Polymer Removers, and Adhesive Cleaners. In addition, Solexir offers different post CMP cleaners for removing nano particles and organic thin films residues following a dry etch process.


During Optical chip manufacturing, in order to eliminate any change in the refractive index of a waveguide due to the traces of surface contamination,  Solexir offers special glass cleaning solutions (to be used before oxide growing process) as well as  waveguide surface cleaning solutions.

The Solexir photoresist developer and strippers are optimized in such a way to develop and stripe the photoresist when in presence of sensitive metals such as aluminum or copper without peeling, undercutting or reacting with these metal layers. 

List of Optical Solutions:


For Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Technology, Solexir is providing several surface cleaning solutions for glass, aluminum and NiP.  Other popular Solexir cleaning solutions are adhesive, wax and sputtering chamber cleaners.

List of HDD Solutions:

    • Cassette cleaners
    • Glass disk cleaners
    • Aluminum disk cleaners
    • NiP surface cleaners
    • Cobalt surface cleaners
    • Post CMP cleaners
  • Dumpers, E-blocks, etc.

Solexir offers a wide range of cleaners for glass, plastic and ceramic for Solar industry. In addition, Solexir offers a large number of texturing solutions, adhesive cleaners and metal etchants to be used for Solar technology applications.

List of Solexir Solar products:

  • Glass surface cleaners
  • Ceramic surface cleaners
  • Ceramic surface cleaners
  • Texturing solutions
  • Adhesive cleaners
  • Metal/Silica etchants