Solexir SurfPurge 14 is a cleaning solution with a pH higher than 14 and is formulated for cleaning glasses only. SurfPurge 14 carries ions compounds that cannot penetrate in the glass surface to cause issues. In addition, it removes all covalent particles from the glass surface by an undercutting process which removes a few angstroms deep layer from the glass’s surface.   The significant cleaning factor for SurfPurge 14 can be traced to its  very high negative zeta potential power.


Majority of SurfPurge 14 applications are related to the surface cleaning of glasses for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and wafers. Formulation of SurfPurge 14 allows it to clean glass surfaces in an extremely short period of time for any bonded or loose particles. SurfPurge 14 is also formulated such that by forming a strong negative zeta potential no suspended particle in the solution can subsequently be attracted back to the glass surface during the Di-Water rinsing step.  For more information, please contact us.

Cleaning process:

  • Process temperature is about 20 to 25 degrees C.
  • Mechanically agitating the cleaning solution or performing the cleaning process within a Sonication, or use of spray system is highly recommended.
  • Initially, soak wafers or disks in a 1:80 dilution of this solution (SurfPurge 14: Di-water) for 30 seconds in order to get rid of all loose particles and to increase the lifetime of the actual concentration of your cleaning solution in your cleaning process.
  • After the initial step above, expose wafers or disks to SurfPurge 14 cleaning solution in a 1:10 dilution (SurfPurge 14: Di-water) for 40 to 60 seconds.
  • Rinse your wafers or disks several times with warm Di-Water to get rid of cleaning solution residue.
  • Dry your wafers or disk immediately to eliminate airborne contamination.



  • Lower contact angles <0.2 for 1.5% dilution of cleaning solution, thus better penetration on the substrate

  • Higher negative Zeta Potential >36 mV, therefore stronger repulsion of particles from the surface.
  • Lower Missing Pulse (MP), meaning signal can be read back more efficiently

  • Read & Write (R/W), for SurfePurge 14 is higher (>95 %), compared to any available commercial cleaning solutions for the Hard Disk Drives.
  • Glide Height Test (GHT) is also higher for SurfPurge 14, where the head at a certain height flying on the disk in combination with the disk rotation speed allows detection of protrusion type of defect of certain heights.

  • SurfePurge 14 is also capable of removing more than 98% of particles from the surface of glass.




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