During fabrication of highly dense electronic devices, dry etch processing is often used to strip away the photoresist layer. In this process, reactive ions that exist in plasma, usually create contamination byproducts called “Hard Polymers” made of silicon-organic compounds. To clean these contamination residues, Solexir is offering special cleaning solutions which are called “Prime Cleaners”.  Solexir Prime Cleaners 10A, 10B and 10C, with different selectivity, can clean all byproducts of a post dry etch process in less than 30 seconds.

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The Solexir Post Dry Etch Cleaners are extremely effective solutions for cleaning hard poly-siloxy polymers after a post dry etch, and high temperature baked photoresist.


1- Expose only pre-dried samples to the above solutions

2- Allow between 30 sec to 2 minutes processing time, where the duration depends on the structure of the hard polymers

3- Process temperature is room temperature

4- Mechanical agitation or Sonication process is necessary in this cleaning process.

5- After cleaning process, rinse samples very well with warm Di-water.

6- Immediately dry the samples to eliminate any possible airborne contamination.