Solexir Solar Cleaning series covers 3 different solutions where each could be applied in a different stage of the solar cell fabrications:

  • Solexir Solar Cleaner 5100 is an alkaline solution with a pH around 13 t0 14 which can be used for cleaning bare glass substrate before any fabrication.
  • Solexir Solar Cleaning 5200 is a cleaning solution with a mild pH around 9 to 12, which can be applied after fabrication of PN junctions.
  • Finally, the Solexir Solar Cleaner 5300 is an organic solvent with a pH around 7 that needs to be used before applying a corrosive protection layer on the top of the fabricated electronic devices (Sealing Process).  Solexir Solar Cleaner 5300 is used to remove all particles that can cause either contaminations or short circuits before final stage of packaging.


Solexir-5000 series are mainly formulated for cleaning glass:

  • Before fabrication is initiated (Solexir-5100)
  • After fabrication proces (Solexir-5200)
  • Before packaging or before introducing solar cell (Solexir-5300) surface sealing (Cell Surface Protection Layer)


1- Rinse the surface of the samples with Di-water to remove all loose particles

2- During each step of cleaning process, expose your sample to 1:10 dilution of Solexir-5100 or Solexir-5200

3- Rinse the surface with Di-water to remove all excess cleaning solution

4- Finish your process with sealing your device with Solexir-5300  (No dilution for Solexir-5300)

4- Dry the samples to eliminate any airborne contamination