Our Products Line:

Solexir offers three different types of Photoresist Stripers:  Acidic, Neutral and Basic corresponding to 100, 200 and 300 series respectively.  All members of Photoresist Strippers can be custom designed and fine tuned to meet customer’s specifications.

Solexir offers two different types of Photoresist Developers:  Basic and Neutral corresponding to  410 and 420 series respectively.  These products could be configured and custom designed to achieve higher selectivity based on customer’s specifications.

Solexir EBR 500 series can be manufactured as pure solvents, as a mixture of different organic solvents, or as organic solvent with inorganic cleaners. Thus, based on the nature of photoresist under consideration, a wide range of EBR with different selectivity are available.

Solexir is a major supplier of glass cleaners which are applied prior to any lithography process. High negative/positive Zeta potential of these solutions will generate significant repulsive forces acting between the substrate surface and ionic charged particles. SurfPurge10 series with pH range between 11 to 14 are the most popular glass cleaning solutions in this category.

Solexir manufactures several Aluminum cleaning solutions having special pH range with and without surfactant. This addresses the high pH sensitivity of Aluminum during cleaning process. Neutral and ionic particles can easily be removed from Aluminum, NiP, Cobalt and Ceramic without causing any corrosion.

Solexir manufactures a variety of Metal Etchants with or without any surfactant such as Aluminum Etchant, Chromium Etchant, Nickel Etchant, Copper Etchant, GaAs Etchant, Gold Etchant, Silver Etchant, Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) Etchant, etc.

Solexir provides three different post CMP cleaners to its customers:  Silicon Oxide Slurry based CMP cleaners, Aluminum Oxide Slurry based CMP cleaners, and finally Cerium Oxide or Zirconium Oxide Slurry based CMP cleaners. All these post CMP cleaners can be fine tuned to customers’ specifications.

Solexir offers a variety of hard polymer cleaners operating at room temperature. Polymer contamination in electronic devices is usually observed during lithography after dry-etch process or when an organic layer is exposed to UV light.  All hard polymer cleaners can be fine tuned to customers’ specifications.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Solexir Solar Cleaner products remove particles and thin film organic contaminants from solar cells in such a way to increase VOC (Open Circuit Voltage) and to lower shunt resistance. All solar cleaning solutions can be optimized based on customer’s specifications and requirements.

Solexir provides several unique solvents capable of cleaning wax and adhesive residues without affecting the circuit functionality. Current Solexir cleaning solvents can also be used for cleaning sputtering chambers, measuring tools and finger prints. These zero ozone depletion solvents can effectively replace all Furan based solvents which are hazardous and not safe.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Solexir is a supplier of premium virgin and semi-scrub Prime and Test wafers in different sizes (700 um to 800 um) , resistivity (0.0 to 30 Ohm Cm) and thicknesses (600 um to 900 um) with excellent low wafer-to-wafer variations.