Our Products Line:

Solexir Semiconductor products:

Solexir Semiconductor ultra pure (ppb) products are used in removing contamination and particles from Glass and Silicon substrates; in texturing solar cells;
applied as photo resist strippers; used for various stages of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) manufacturing processes; and used in green energy industry, etc. Soleixr also supplies premium and test wafers for her customers. It is noteworthy to realize that Solexir also engages in custom design chemical solutions to address a very specific issue facing her customer.


Solexir Hard Disk Cleaning Solutions Applications:

  • Glass Cleaning solutions
  • Cassette cleaning solutions
  • Aluminum cleaning solutions
  • Nickel Phosphorus (NiP) cleaning solutions
  • Degreasing solutions
  • Different Hydrofluoroether solvents (HFE)
  • Post CMP cleaning solutions

Solexir Solar Products Applications:

Solexir solar products are customized products which are optimized according to their applications:periodic_table_icon2

  1. Solar Glass Cleaners (Acidic, Neutral, Basic)
  2. Texturing products (acidic)
  3. Metal Etchants for Aluminum, Chromium, Gold, Nickel, Copper, Titanium, Thallium, and Tungsten with and without surfactants. In addition, there are several post-etch cleaning solutions which can be used to remove metal as well as silica residues.

Solexir Vanadium Electrolyte Solution:

Solexir has been developing a special Vanadium Electrolyte Solution (VOSO4/V2(SO4)3) in appropriate concentrations and valences for energy storage and for green industry applications.


Solexir supplies premium Prime and Test wafers with variety of resistivity (0.0 to 30 Ohm Cm), and thickness (700 to 800 um) specifications.