Our Company Vision:

Solexir aims to become an international player providing unique and innovative chemical products to our customers worldwide. In fact, Solexir is truly adhering to what it promotes:

Reaching…the unreachable solutions!


Attaining such a promise is a relentless effort by:

  • Analyzing the issues that our customer are facing
  • Finding the most appropriate product solution to address the customers issues
  • Optimizing the selected product solution for cost as well as performance point of view
  • Standing behind our products and supporting our customer to resolve their issues

At Solexir, our chemical solution product portfolio covers a wide ranges of technologies including Semiconductor, Hard Disk Drives, and Green Energy technologies (Solar and Lithium ion batteries, as well as a special Vanadium Electrolyte Solution). This portfolio is growing constantly to cover this huge spectrum and in order to address unmet customers needs.