Solexir has engineered a series of Edge Bead Removal products by utilizing high purity solvents. These products feature varying strength, viscosity and evaporation rates that are compatible with all coating equipment. By controlling the substrate spins speed, the dispense nozzle’s position, pressure and direction the edge bead will be completely removed when Solexir EBR products is used.

The Solexir 500EBR series are unique EBR solvents with low viscosity and density of pure organic solvents. They never clog the nozzle or the liquid jet section.  They operate at the room temperature and can clean edge residues on both sides of wafers efficiently.


Solexir 500EBR series are used to clean photoresist residues in the front and the back sections of wafer edge. Solexir 500EBR series operate at the room temperature and do not clog nozzle jet head.

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  • None toxic
  • Water Soluble
  • Room temperature operation
  • Fast particle and residue cleaner

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