Green Chemicals are less hazardous to human health and the environment and demonstrate the following properties:

  • Less toxic to organisms and ecosystems
  • Not persistent or bioaccumulative in organisms or the environment
  • Inherently safer with respect to handling and use
  • None or very low effects on ozone depletion
  • More convenient for their waste disposing
  • Less law and regularity in their handling and storage
  • Less transportation regulation¬†for Ground, Ocean and Air shipping
  • Less law and regulations for their packaging

Solexir approach to green and sustainable chemistry is to replace the solvents/solutions which could cause potential harm to humans and the environment. Organic solvents/solutions represent the majority of usage and applications in semiconductor industry, especially when complex purification/deposition/etching is necessary. They are also the major contributor to generated waste. Additionally, most solvents are volatile, flammable, and hazardous to humans, the environment, or both.

We have developed several new kinds of green solvents for semiconductor industries that can be prepared from abundant, inexpensive, innocuous, biorenewable components which can be reused or recycled. All of these products are soluble in water.

  • Green NMP Solvent
  • Green Glycol Solvent
  • Green Methylene Chloride Solvent
  • Green Hydro Furan Solvent

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