Solexir Silica etchant series are SiO2-110A (a Silica etch), SiO2-110B(a Silica Buffer etch) and SiO2-110S (Silica 3Mix Etch) solution.  They are based on the hydrofluoric acid solution. Solexir are offering them as a working or concentrated solution.


Majority of Solexir Silica etchant applications are for etching bare Silica, removing particle residues or for removing traces of photoresist in presence of Silica after application of a photoresist stripper or when utilizing a dry etch.   For more information, please contact us.

Cleaning process:

  • Process temperature is at room temperature
  • Process time is between 20 to 60 sec depending on concentration of HF.
  • Mechanically agitating the cleaning solution by Sonication or use of spray system is highly recommended.

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