Solexir Post CMP-110Si cleaner is a combination of two different solutions (CMP-110Si-A acidic and CMP-110Si-B basic), with two different pH.  CMP-110Si-A is a buffer HF solution with a pH range between 2 to6 where depending on the used slurry, the HF acidic concentration is varied.  In an acidic pH solution, all Silica particles will be dissolved or removed after being exposed to CMP-110Si-A buffer solution.

In a basic solution (CMP-110Si-B), most particles or ionic species will be removed based on zeta potential process.


Cleaning Silica slurry particles after a CMP process.  For more information, please contact us.

Cleaning process:

  • Process temperature is at room temperature.
  • Process time will be between 30 sec to 2 min depending on HF concentration of cleaning solution and silica particle population.
  • Wafers or disks must first be rinsed with Di-water to remove all loose particles after CMP process
  • Initially, expose wafers or disks to acidic solution (Post CMP-110Si-A), to dissolve the remaining silica particles from slurry on the surface of wafers or disks.
  • Subsequently, rinse the wafers or disks with Di-water to remove loos particles, dissolved particles and excess CMP-110Si-A cleaning solution
  • Lastly,  use Post CMP-110Si-B to clean the wafers or disks (based on negative zeta potential process).
  • Rinse wafers or disks very well with Di-Water.
  • Dry the wafers and disks immediately to eliminate airborne contamination

In all cleaning process, having mechanical agitating or using sonication process is highly recommended.

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