Solexir-ADH6100 is a mixture of two low molecular weight organic solvents which is extremely effective to clean adhesive residues.


Solexir-ADH6100 is an “adhesive cleaner” used to clean Hard Disk Drive heads, trace of adhesives from the back of  electronic chips, trace of residues after dicing process, thin film glues residue , glues on electronic chip surface, or during the rework cleaning process.


1- Immerse your part in the Solexir-ADH6100 solution for 2 min. Alternatively, you may warm Solexir-ADH6100 solvent under the hood and then if all residues is not cleaned completely, using  a cotton tip, swipe the surface.

2- Repeat this process several times to make sure that the surface is clean of any adhesive residues.

3- Dry samples immediately to eliminate risk of  any airborne contamination

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