• Solexir Hand Sanitizer V19PAN is FDA Approved Product
  • V19PAN comes in a variety of sizes and shapes: 64mL Spray, 1/2 Liter bottle , 1 Liter bottle , 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons and Drum sizes
  • A formulation of active ingredients that help destroy pathogenic germs
  • The formulation is Alcohol based which is well known for killing the Germs, and denaturing Viruses
  • V19PAN formulation is recommended by the, prestigious, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Is an Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer which inactivates harmful microorganism on spot
  • Tested and approved by the European standard EN 1500 for hand-rub testing methods
  • Alcohol is known to enter the Germ cell and denature the proteins causing the cell to die. It also destroys the cell wall
  • The high Alcohol content of V19PAN also attacks Enveloped Viruses. These viruses have a lipoprotein envelop surrounding their nucleoprotein core
  • The recent Corona Virus is an Enveloped Virus kind which will be attacked and denatured by V19PAN
  • There are four ingredients in V19PAN: Alcohol, Oxygen radical, skin moisturizer and water
  • The alcohol and water concentrations are optimized in such a way as to maximize their ability to denature and coagulate the protein envelop of viruses
  • V19PAN, is Ethanol based which is most effective in denaturing viruses compared with iso-propanol (IPA). IPA based hand sanitizers are mostly suited for situations where the intention is to fight bacteria.

Solexir Hand Sanitizer V19PAN is Approved by FDA

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